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Our large, clean, sanitary, & well-staffed playroom provides a safe, fun place to bring your children while you work out. A variety of age appropriate activities will help children enjoy their time at the gym with you. We're certain you'll feel comfortable and confident having your children play and interact here while you work out. A private closed circuit monitoring system is in place for your added security that can be viewed by parents of playroom children and management staff only. Imagine the convenience of a quick check on your children during your workout without interruption of your work-out or any unnecessary disruption of your children.

- Varied age appropriate activities offered include coloring, drawing, story time, sing-alongs, toys, games, puzzles, & "G" rated videos.
- Child friendly restroom with ‘kid size’ toilet and sink.
- Drop-down changing table.
- Dedicated infant area & snack area.
- Our playroom staff is comprised mainly of mothers and grandmothers who have long tenures with HHF. We have very low employee turnover so both you and your children become comfortable and safe. All employees at HHF undergo criminal background checks.
- Children must be signed in and out. On the rare occasion when someone other than the parent dropping off children will not be the one picking them up, the playroom staff must be notified in advance and proper identification will be verified before children are released.
- Parents must remain on the premises while their children are in the playroom.
- The scheduled child to childcare staff ratio is 8:1.
- All playroom staff are infant/child CPR certified.
- All snacks and other items (cups, pacifiers, etc.) must be labeled with child's name.
- The following snacks are not allowed in the playroom: peanuts/any peanut butter item, popcorn, grapes, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, fruit filled cereal bars, lollipops, candy, gum, milk or formula.
- Children are not allowed in adult exercise areas or adult locker rooms.
- We require that sick children or those showing symptoms of cold or flu stay at home and get well before returning to the HHF playroom.
- Children may stay a maximum of 2 hours per child, per visit.
- Recommended ages for the playroom are 12 weeks - 10 years. (HHF Kids Gym available for children 1st grade – 13 years)
- Please bring only clear liquids for your child; help us keep the area clean and sweet smelling! (no milk or formula is allowed).
- Playroom attendants do not change diapers; you will be notified if a change is needed and you may use the convenient drop-down changing table in the bathroom.
- Toys from home are not allowed -- we have plenty!
- Your playroom pass must be shown at each visit.
- Please pick your children up prior to the closing time of the playroom – late fees apply.

Learn more about the playroom by downloading our playroom brochure.

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