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If you are having trouble meeting a health goal, or if you’ve tried in the past and failed, you would benefit from a health coach. A health coach is trained to help you break down your goals into manageable steps, track your progress, and identify and overcome personal roadblocks.

Julianne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is a board certified Health Coach with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a volunteer for the American Diabetes Association, fitness competitor, and mom of three boys. She is also a wellness expert and supportive mentor who can educate you on how to make smart choices and establish positive health and fitness goals. She can help you make gradual, sustainable changes that will create improvements in your over all well-being.

"I truly believe that setting goals and working towards reaching them sets you up for success in life. I decided to become a fitness competitor in 2013 when I began training for my first competition. After winning 1st place and Master's Overall in the figure division, earning my pro card, and taking 2nd place in Novice for the National Gym Association at the Granite State Open, I realized that this was my new found passion in life. However, it's not about a trophy, a placing or a prize. Its about setting goals and surpassing them. It's about discipline, dedication, willpower, reaching deep down and finding inner strength that you didn't know you had. It's about structure and putting in the work and following the plan. It's about being better than my former best and proving to myself that I can do it. That's what it's all about and that's why I do it ~ The strongest factor for success in anything you do is self-esteem; believing you can do it, believing you deserve it, and believing you will get it."

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Whether you are looking to improve your energy, reduce stress, lose weight, exercise and eat healthy, or just stay on track with your health goals, Julianne can help you. Make an appointment today for a free consultation.

Email health coach Julianne or call her directly at 978-973-1626.

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