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Fred Archambault

HHF member and good friend Fred Archambault continues to compete in Power-lifting after stating to me over 10 years ago "I think this is it Ted, my last competition". Not only has he continued to compete into 2008, he has reversed time and the normal aging process and at 84 years young set personal lifting records while breaking the 1000 pound mark in his last competition which took place on May 19th 2007 in East Bridgewater Mass, at the New England States Open Championship. At a bodyweight of 161 pounds he squatted 370 pounds, bench pressed 210, and had a dead-lift of 420 for a 1000 pound total, HIS BEST EVER TOTAL!, this after gaining the coveted 'Outstanding Lifter Award' at the USAPL Masters Nationals on May 4-6* in Milwaukee Wisconsin where he totaled 970.

What else can you say about this gentleman except that the tiger on the inside is buried deeply by a thick layer of kindness, friendliness, morality and a genuine coating of goodness. This is a special man and I, along with many others, are proud to call him friend.

Mike Azarian

Long time HHF member Michael Azarian won the 198lb Master Men 55+ Division at the 2009 WPF World Powerlifting Championships held in Las Vegas Nevada November 11-15 2009.

Congrats to Mike with impressive lifts and amazing efforts in the gym!

Michael Azarian USA 55

Squat – 424.4 lbs
Bench – 281.1 lbs
Deadlift – 418.9 lbs
Total – 1124.4 lbs

Cyndi Springford
(HHF Staff Member)

Congrats to Cyndi, running in the Philadelphia Marathon!

7490 finishers in the marathon
4373 male
3117 female

Chip Time (official) - 3:47:46
Clock Time - 3:48:33
Overall - >2299
Sex Place - 533
Div Place - (females 34 to 39) - 91
AgeGrade - 61%



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